Messi Has Ended A Streak That He Really Wouldn’t Have Wanted To

Source: Getty Images
Source: Getty Images

Stories around Lionel Messi tend to always be positive – expect when tax is the theme – such is the remarkable talent of the Barcelona forward. However, this time Messi fan-boys may well want to stop reading with their idol failing to register a shot on goal for the first time in 117 matches.

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It’s quite fitting that the impressive run came to an end whilst Messi was playing for Argentina, with criticism constantly thrown at the 28-year-old for not quite reaching Pele, Maradona and Cruyff levels on the international stage.

Messi’s 116-match run just showcases the forward’s previously unheard of consistency, and you now wouldn’t put it past the Argentine getting a shot on target in every single game from now until he retires.

Despite Messi’s failure in his country’s World Cup Qualifier against Chile, the diminutive playmaker will still be the one everyone in football aspires to be. And Coventry in particular will be taking heart from the fact that even ol’ Lionel’s streaks end.