Golfer Sues Country Club After Being Completely F*%#ed Over

Jake Warner was playing in a charity outing at Haverhill Golf Club in Suffolk, when he made an impressive 202 yard hole-in-one.

He posed for a photograph with what he thought was his prize, a new five-door 1.6TDi Vauxhall Corsa worth £14,000 reading: “Win this car if you get a hole-in-one.” He was elated, as any sane person would be.

The problem occurred when he tried to collect his winnings a couple of days later, where he found himself in front of a very basic £6,500 model of the car.

“I was elated to win the car, but it turned out to something altogether different to what they advertised. They put a high spec car on the tee which was worth £14,000 new but when I went to collect my prize they offered me a £6,500 1.0 basic model.

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“It didn’t have alloy wheels, air conditioning and was the most basic model. I was really disappointed. I was elated on the day and then I was devastated when I found out I wasn’t going to have the car they’d advertised.”

He ended up suing the club and lost, leaving him £3,500 in debt after having to pay his and the clubs legal fees. What seemed like an exciting moment on a golf course, turned out to be a nightmare.