Watch: Justin Thomas Reminds The World That Golf Is Hard With This Recovery Fail


I find it refreshing when the professionals make bad shots. Sure it sucks for them, but it also shows how difficult the game of golf really is. Every day golfers can understand the pain of hitting their ball into water or trying to make a recovery shot and failing.

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The difference is that the average golfer can use their foot wedge or make their drop a little more appealing than a professional can. Under the watchful eye of the PGA these golfers have to use what their given. Most of the time fans are in awe of the professionals ability to get out of difficult lies, but sometimes they’re just like us.

Justin Thomas tried to recover from landing in a rocky beach next to a water hazard on the 18th hole at Doral. It didn’t go so well.

Thomas made double on this hole. So next time it happens to you, remember that it can happen to anyone.