WATCH: Sergio Aguero has to play on this ghastly pitch for World Cup Qualifier

Sharon Wong

Sergio Aguero scratches head
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You’d think that you’d roll out the red carpet when a favourite local son’s playing a World Cup qualifier on home soil. Not so much. The carpeting on this particular pitch at the Mario Kempes stadium in Cordoba, Argentina has been worn very, very thin indeed, as you can see from these sneak peak aerial photos and photographs. Shocking, since it will be hosting none other than Manchester City Ace Sergio Aguero himself.

Kun was vocal about feeling rightly disturbed when he first caught a glimpse of the terrible state of affairs at Mario Kempes. Instead of a luscious green pitch, he was greeted by a surface that looked like it had been trampled by a herd of rampaging elephants.


Not too far off the mark, really. In the last month, the stadium served as a venue for rock groups Mana and Iron Maiden. And we all know that inebriated groupies can well cause as much damage as unruly pachyderms. Add that to heavy rains washing away the stink of rock-and-roll right after and you’re left with a disaster of a field.

Why take the hobbits to Isengard when there’s Mario Kempes?/Still of The Two Towers

“When I saw the pictures, I said, ‘What’s happened here’?” expressed a bewildered Aguero, “I am not afraid, but it amazes me. This is a pitch where you know the national team will play, so that amazes me.”

The Argentinean FA tweeted a touched-up photograph of the pitch to demonstrate “improvements” had been made, but they’d conveniently snapped a picture of the end of the pitch that the concert-goers had neglected to destroy.

Their charade was blown open when an Argentinean video snapped drone footage of the stadium in the video above and when Aguero himself contributed a photo of the pitch from ground level. Trust us, it is not ready for its close-up.

What can you do in the face of such absurdity but laugh? Sergio Aguero tried to see the funny side of things by joking that he’d have to play like he did in his junior team, when no one cared enough to keep the lawns in tip-top condition for them. We see another silver lining here. If he adds a few rocks to this pitch, he might just be able to work on his control like Mesut Ozil once did.

Mesut Ozil
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