Shane Lowry Picks A Fight With Floyd Mayweather And It’s Glorious

Shane Lowry was at the Heat vs. Suns basketball game last night and saw someone across from him that he recognized. It just happened to be Floyd Mayweather, who fellow Irishman Conor McGregor has had some beef with over the years.

Lowry tweeted this during the game:

I doubt that Lowry could even hurt Mayweather’s pinky, but it’s the sentiment that counts right?

It seems that Lowry has been making his name known through trash talk as of recent. One fan commented on this fact in a response to Lowry’s tweet.

Last week during the Honda Classic, Shane Lowry was not happy with one of his drives and dropped the f-bomb, like any normal golfer would do. But since he is playing on live television, the announcers had to apologize and he has gotten a lot of backlash from it.

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I don’t think he gives a f**k what people think of him, and honestly I think it made people like him more if anything. Cursing nowadays is no longer taboo, everyone does it on the daily and probably ten times more on the golf course. The PGA is too uptight when it comes to language but it wants to uphold that traditional spirit of the game.

To Shane Lowry we say, keep on keepin’ on!