WATCH: Sergio Garcia nails a putt from a staggering 130 feet

Sharon Wong

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So you thought all Sergio Garcia was good for was throwing a good fit? Sorry to disappoint. He’s overcome the setbacks from this morning to really deliver where it counts and he aced it with a putt from 130 feet at Trump National Doral’s 12th hole. Or 130 feet and 2 inches, to be exact. The best part? He achieved it all with a flat stick when most amateurs would never have accomplished it all with a 60-foot wedge at that distance.

He’s totally superseded Tiger Woods’ long-putting attempt at Doral two years ago. Tiger had managed to sink a 91-footer on the 4th hole, but Garcia’s eclipses it by nearly 40 feet!

This is exactly what we mean when we say a golfer suffers no negative repercussions for his tantrum. This morning, the news was all abuzz with his outburst and now, we’re admiring some truly incredible putting from him with no mention of his earlier behavior. In fact, you could even say his show of temper worked in his favor here. It did get us to sit up and take notice of him, after all.