Origen Undergo One Final Fresh Blood Transfusion As Wisdom Is Amputated

Daniel Byrne

Origen have penned their name into the EU LCS record books this season for all the wrong reasons. Currently 0-9, the only competitive outfit not to have won a single games the entire Spring Split, with just four games to go, Origen have made yet another roster change in a last ditch attempt to shake up the lineup.

Kim “Wisdom” Tae-wan has been the victim of his own poor performances, highlighted by an unsustainable level of individual plays and a complete void of synergy with his teammates. It was briefly rumoured that Jungle and Fnatic legend, Lauri “Cyanide” Happonen would take the reigns of the Origen Jungle for their remaining matches, but in the end it is Jacob “Cinkrof” Rokicki who will be taking the hot seat.

Following a split of appalling displays on almost any champion he has selected, Wisdom has now played his final game in an Origen jersey – what’s more surprising is that it took so long for this decision to be made. The South Korean has struggled since securing his move to the EU LCS; his spell with Origen honestly featured more embarrassing moments than highlights:

With Junglers being so important in the current meta of the game, Wisdom’s costly errors and consistent underperformance were placed in the foreground of each and every Origen defeat. The doomed organisation have since communicated that the Jungler has not only been dropped from his starting position, but will indeed return home to Korea, cutting all ties with the European squad.

“Cinkrof will be the new starter jungler and will be able to play the next coming week The player is already in the Gaming House playing with the team.

“Wisdom leaves the team and prefers to come back to Korea and not continue as substitute.

“Cyanide will be the official substitute jungler and will live in the Gaming House to help the team.”

Origen Official Announcement

Source: Origen.gg

Fans remain hopeful that Enrique “xPeke” Cedeño will step up as the team’s Mid laner, yet there are not any current plans for this transition to take effect. The veteran’s influence on the roster was notable, even from the support position, as Origen secured their first game victory of the split over Roccat.

Ultimately, Origen’s changes have arrived far too late to save their season, but perhaps could lead to an improvement in performance with the relegation tournament on the horizon. Whilst Cinkrof may serve to improve the squad, any genuine impact will surely have to wait until Origen start their next campaign… likely to be in the European Challenger Series.

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