Calm It Over Payet! He Is Just A Big Fish In A Small Pond At West Ham

Source: Getty Images
Source: Getty Images

Dimitri Payet has been one of the signings of the season.

Didn’t expect to read that sentence did you, Hammers? You were there, ready and waiting with your vitriol and reactions along the lines of this…

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Anyone who tries to say the Frenchman hasn’t been superb this season is a Tottenham fan or…nope, just a Spurs fan.

Payet has danced his way through midfield opposition, scored beauties and turned games on their head in the blink of a Maradona turn.

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All seems pretty positive so far, doesn’t it, Irons? You’ve come here to be angry, to be offended because that’s what football fans go out of their way to find.

So given the fact the former Marseille playmaker is clearly pure class, why should all these ‘bigger’ clubs that are linked with a summer move for Payet steer well clear of the attacker?


Today is actually Payet’s birthday, and that’s what actually started this train of thought for me. The Frenchman is celebrating his 29th birthday. Anyone else surprised by that?

Late bloomer? Or just playing above his station for one season before falling back into the realms of mediocrity?

Either way, there’s plenty of younger talent, with a proven track record, that would represent greater value for money than Payet.


At His Level

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Football is infuriating in so many ways. However, one of my big pet peeves is clubs failing to recognise when a player is just at his level rather than ready for the next step up.

At West Ham, Payet strikes me as a player who is a big fish in a small pond – albeit a growing one – because if he was that bloody good it wouldn’t have been Upton Park he ended up at after his impressive final season in Ligue 1.


Now this is quite an odd one, and maybe there isn’t anything in it. However, Payet seems to have this weird trait of either performing well to get a move/only trying for one season.

In his final season with Saint-Etienne, the attacking-midfielder notched 13 league goals, whereas the season before he bagged just two and he made more appearances.

Final season with Lille, 12 goals and 13 assists compared to six goals and six assists the campaign before. And that trend continues for his time with Marseille, five assists in his debut season and then 16 in the next.

Weird, right?

Is Dimitri Payet better than West Ham?