It’s Impossible To Understand Why J.B. Holmes Got penalized For This “Serious Breach”

  • J.B. Holmes received a two shot penalty for incorrectly dropping his ball.
  • The commentators did a terrible job explaining why he received the penalty.


Here’s a challenge, explain to me what the f*** is going on here. I think I understand why he has the two shot penalty, it was just the umpteen explanations that clouded this already complicated legal discussion. Golf has a lot of stupid laws and rules, this particular one really grinds my gears, I’m sure the issue here is an obvious mistake a pro shouldn’t make. Please someone explain.

I’m surprised J.B didn’t jump on the bandwagon and have a massive tantrum like so many golfers this week. Adam Scott was the eventual winner on a course that got the better of so many golfers. His comeback to secure his 13th professional victory was nothing shot of incredible

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