Tiger Woods Makes Fun Of Himself In Twitter Rant About Peyton Manning

AP Photo/Chuck Burton
AP Photo/Chuck Burton


Tiger Woods took to twitter to show his appreciation and admiration for newly retired quarterback, Peyton Manning. Peyton Manning announced his official retirement after 18 seasons in the NFL.


Clearly Peyton would have no trouble finding a partner if he ever wanted to play the links in Florida. Woods would happily play a round with revolutionary quarterback, but there’s a catch..


Woods is basically saying even Peyton Manning could beat him at golf at the moment, if he isn’t given strokes. Woods showed the world he is hitting clubs again in an Instagram post recently, but that is definitely not enough to beat Manning in a round. Especially when Manning boasts about have a 4.0 index, which is better than half of the professional athletes.

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I think Woods is just excited that golfing with Peyton Manning is much more of a possibility now that he’s retired. He’s also thankful that his Oakland Raiders will have a better chance at winning with Manning out of the picture.


When Tiger Woods get’s better we will have to see a showdown between the two! Now that would be entertaining.