In Pictures: CLICKON eSports’ NA LCS Playoffs Predictions

As the NA LCS Spring Split draws to a close, the race for the six coveted playoff positions remains about as tight as it could possibly be. With no teams mathematically eliminated and only two assured a spot, it will all come down to the final two weeks to determine who’s in, and who is left out. As we weigh up the eight teams competing for the four remaining spots, here’s how CLICKON eSports predicts the standings will pan out.

A playoff spot in the Spring Split is an extremely valuable acquisition. While many try to downplay the significance, qualification to the twilight stages of the split provides your team invaluable experience and provides an opportunity to earn crucial Circuit Points. A look to last season reminds us of the importance, as Counter Logic Gaming was still able to secure a spot at Worlds after a fourth place Summer Split finish, due to the points they had acquired from their unexpected Spring Split victory.

A concrete tier list has started to be established itself amongst the NA teams, with a select few at the very top and the rest a tier below. This has created an exciting and unpredictable season that will likely not see the playoff teams determined until the final games of the split. While some teams have been able to find their stride as the season winds down, others have shown signs of deterioration:

CLICKON eSports NA LCS Playoff Predictions

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