WATCH: Clint Dempsey And Gyasi Zardes Combine To Keep U.S. World Cup Dream Alive

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Clint Dempsey answered the prayers of a nation by scoring the winning goal in the USMNT’s huge 4-0 drubbing of Guatemala in the second leg of World Cup qualifying between the two countries.

After losing 2-0 in Guatemala, the United States was in real danger of missing its first World Cup in a generation.



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You hear the murmurs in the background about Clint Dempsey.

“He’s old.”

“He’s washed up.”

“Time to pass the torch.”

Well that washed up, no-torch-passing geezer just guaranteed the United States will live to fight another day.

The U.S. ain’t missing the World Cup, not on his watch.

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Gyasi Zardes was instrumental in the goal, teeing up Dempsey with header nodded back towards the top of the 18.

The United States drew strength from Dempsey’s early goal, tacking on three more before the night was finished.

Their 4-0 defeat of Guatemala is unequivocally their biggest win since beating Ghana in the World Cup in 2014.

Dempsey had a goal in that game, too (like we could forget).

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Keep doin’ what you do, Clint.

They can have your starting spot when you’re dead.


Will Clint Dempsey still be in the starting 11 when he retires?