Jamie Vardy Success Story Has Just Reached New Levels Of Annoyance

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Source: Getty

There’s only One Direction that Jamie Vardy’s career is going and that’s Hollywood!

Adrian Buchart, the producer behind the film in everyone’s ‘Top 10 movies of all-time’ list, Goal, wants to produce a film around Vardy’s rise from non-league obscurity to Premier League top-scorer chaser. And 1D’s Louis Tomlinson is in line to play the ‘chat shit get banged’ star.

The problem that Buchart will have with this film, aside from the obvious issue that nobody actually cares, is the fact that Jamie Vardy isn’t Jimmy Grimble.

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They really don’t make ’em like they used to.

Vardy’s ‘success’ story really isn’t loveable anymore and that is thanks to social media. With the internet regularly destroying anything good by going overkill with too many memes, too many bandwagons, too many (shit) jokes and far too many high horses climbed.

Just take this quote from the producer of the potential Vardy film:

“We always believed that Jamie’s story would be of international appeal and we are interested in a cast and crew of global stature.”

Adrian Buchart


“International appeal” and “global stature” when referring to a striker who has had one good season playing for Leicester City just doesn’t fit. However, the frustrating, overboard hype has meant that such sentences are said without even a token of sarcasm.

Jamie Vardy’s done well, and it’s great inspiration for all those kids out there who want to become the next Steve Guppy or Jay Bothroyd, but let’s tone things down.

But, if we must insist on not calming things down on the J-Vardz bandwagon, then can we at least call the film: A Good Day To Die Vard?!

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