Liverpool Keeper Simon Mignolet Has Made The Weirdest Product Endorsement Ever

Source: Twitter
Source: Twitter


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Oh Simon, what were you thinking…

It’s been a season to forget for the Liverpool goalkeeper. A series of costly errors dotted throughout the year has meant fans have spent most of the season hurling abuse at Simon Mignolet – though for the most part, like everything else, it simply bounces off him.

As Mignolet stands hopelessly between the sticks, the majority of critiques involve an assortment of terms that are best left to the football terraces. However, if it was possible to provide a ‘PG alternative’, the equivalent phrase Liverpool fans have been using to describe Simon Mignolet would be along the lines of: ‘standing around like a lemon’.


Source: Twitter
Source: Twitter


If anything, Mignolet’s bizarre endorsement deal has done nothing but add fuel to the fire…

As it turns out, Liverpool fan’s fruit analogies aren’t far from the truth. They’re certainly on the right fruit-based lines although the Belgian stopper is less like a lemon and apparently more like a pear, judging by his latest product endorsement, which surely ranks amongst the worst endorsements ever:



Far removed from the glamorous Messi-Pepsi deals or Pogba’s multi-million Adidas contract, Mignolet has opted to team-up with Fruit Innovation Farmers to promote his trademark line of Simon Mignolet’s Finest Fruits.

I don’t know what to think anymore…




As always is the case when yet another footballer appears in yet another appalling endorsement, it’s important to be able to rank them alongside other promotional failures:


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