Watching Pro Golfers Destroy Their Clubs Is Surprisingly Therapeutic

Sharon Wong

Phill Mickelson snapped club

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We love watching golfers throw tantrums, but we love it just as much when they snap their clubs in half out of sheer clumsiness. Some of the names on this list may surprise you, as it’s the common assumption that breaking your equipment is a rookie mistake. But some days, even the likes of Tiger Woods can suffer from a bout of inexplicable klutziness. It’s not so fun for them or for you if you’re taking the match very seriously, but the rest of us are thoroughly entertained. Here are some choice I-didn’t-mean-to moments for your viewing pleasure.

Ernie Els

Here’s another occasion to add to Ernie Els’ list of embarrassing moments in public. First, he gets a serious case of the yips when he tries to make what should be a relatively simple putt. Now, he’s breaking clubs and he’s not even doing it on purpose. There are few people who can pull off a tree shot and he doesn’t happen to be one of them, but he couldn’t have made his gaffe more conspicuous with this painfully obvious club break.

Tiger Woods

Wouldn’t you know it, Tiger Woods once did the exact same thing about 9 years ago. His failure doesn’t announce itself with that tell-tale metal clang, but he does flinch away from it like it’s an exploding bomb.

Phil Mickelson

The dull thud of the club hitting the bunker and the following sand explosion make this one quite a theatrical display. Phil Mickelson’s ever the attention grabber, whether he means to be or not.

Justin Thomas

Never has a club looked more like it was made of paper. Sure that’s an iron, Justin Thomas?

Steven Gallacher

We wonder how hard that ball was for Steven Gallacher to have snapped his club against it the way he did here. Looks like it stung too.

Charles Barkley

Skip to 0:45 and you’ll see Charles Barkley make his really bizarre swing, hit home and then stare at his club in complete bewilderment when he realizes it’s headless. We personally think his look of disbelief is the best part.

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