Why Do We All Pretend To Like El Clasico?

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Source: Getty Images

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Over the next 24 hours we will be subjected to sycophantic and sensationalised headlines along the lines of “The greatest show on earth”, due to the fact that El Clasico is taking place.

The fact we laud this huge derby between Real Madrid and Barcelona is, quite frankly, sickening given that the grievances us fans have with the (not so) beautiful game are on display in abundance when Real Madrid and Barcelona lock horns.


Astronomical release fee clauses, world-record transfer fees and weekly wages that most of us won’t even earn in our lifetimes.

The wealth of El Clasico is disgusting, with Euros spilling out of the aisles at the Nou Camp and Bernabeu. And even when you think it possibly can’t find another ad revenue or players’ wages couldn’t get anymore absurd, they stuff another Euro into the already overflowing piggy bank.


They Can Get Away With Shit Just Because

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Neymar has had his assets frozen, Javier Mascherano was sentenced to 12 months jail time for tax evasion (a charge that will no doubt be suspended) and Lionel Messi is awaiting trial for the same conviction.

We all know the outcome here and, here’s the spoiler, it doesn’t involve a punishment fitting of the crime – or even a punishment at all.

Why did they do it? Because they believe, due to the fanfare the media and we create around them, they’re invincible – the sad thing is, they probably are.


Players like Ashley Young over here are basically hung, drawn and quartered for their incessant theatrics. And yet we just accept the embarrassing shenanigans of Sergio Busquets & co.

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Style Of Play

What do you get when Tika-taka meets Zizou’s fast-paced and exciting all out attack football? That’s right, shocking football.

We no longer see Cristiano’s trademark ‘Ronaldo chop’, Bale’s blistering pace, Messi’s majestic runs or Rakitic’s wonderful range of passing. Instead, we are treated to 90 minutes of handbags, 90 minutes of trying to get one another sent off or injured. Pathetic.

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