22 Reasons Why Jordan Spieth Is Not In A “Slump”

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All of a sudden, now that he isn’t performing like they’d want, the haters and trolls have come out to bash Jordan Spieth. What everyone seems to forget is that Spieth became No. 1 in the World just last year, after being almost unstoppable on tour. In 2015 he accomplished more than most golfers dream of, and did so at the ripe age of 21.

I just want to remind everyone that Jordan Spieth is 22 years old, won 5 tournaments, 2 majors, and a shit ton of money. Even though the season is well under way, that doesn’t mean he won’t perform well at other tournaments. Remember Jason Day had a winning streak at the end of 2015 to get to No. 2 in the world. He doesn’t need anyone else’s validation but his own, and quite frankly the world’s opinion doesn’t matter. Spieth would never say that because he is exactly the gentleman the PGA Tour expects, so instead I’ll show you for him.

1. This hole-in-one


2. This bunker shot at The President’s Cup


3. The look on Stenson’s face says it all


4. Another hole-in-one


5. The putt that started it all


6. Whatever this is..


7. “I’m telling you he went to Hogwarts!”


8. Jordan Spieth or Harry Potter?


9. That short game though


10. Walking in a birdie putt


11. Second youngest Masters winner

Source: Instagram
Source: Instagram


12. He has a bangin’ long time girlfriend

Source: Instagram
Source: Instagram


13. He has a bigger bank account than you.. by a lot

Source: Instagram
Source: Instagram


14. He can rock a chicken hat

jordan spieth_sister


15. He almost took out Rory on a golf board

Check this out! #anyonesgame #adgolfchamps https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qkV0PcG8-HY

A video posted by Jordan Spieth (@jordanspieth) on


16. He can bomb a happy gilmore shot



17. HE



18. IS

REUTERS/Phil Noble
REUTERS/Phil Noble



jordan spieth_clickon


20. THAN

jordan spieth


21. YOU

Source: Getty Images
Source: Getty Images


22. And the PGA Tour with the mic drop:


Everyone needs to appreciate the amount of talent that emanates from this golfer and stop comparing him to Tiger. There will never be another Tiger Woods, but there is only one Jordan Spieth and he’s better than you. Haters gonna hate.


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