WATCH: Shingo Katayama has the PGA Tour’s most bizarre putting routine

Sharon Wong

“The most extraordinary putting routine for a professional!” ???? Shingo Katayama does things his own way. #ThailandClassic

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Shingo Katayama gained a good amount of attention over the weekend for his curious warm-up to a putt. At the Thailand Classic, he was seen performing this strange little ritual before holing a ball. We’re not about to disparage, as his approach is clearly doing the job for the world’s 76th best golfer. Certainly, this eccentricity is in line with Katayama’s refusal to play by the books. I mean, have you ever seen any of the man’s outfits? Often coming to the course in electric brights and a trademark cowboy hat, he’s not typically what you imagine when you think of a golfer and we think that’s a wonderful thing. It goes to show that we golfers don’t all come in the same unexciting khaki-clad package. In fact, if you ask us, he’s the very picture of a Renegade. Don’t believe us? Here’s the visual proof of it.

Some of Shingo Katayama’s outfits


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Shingo Katayama outfit
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Shingo Katayama polka dot pants
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