Man United Are Facing Surprise Competition In Pursuit Of Mourinho

Source: Getty Images
Source: Getty Images

Since being sacked by Chelsea, Jose Mourinho has signed and unsigned somewhere in the region of 50 million contracts with Manchester United.

Recent made up nonsense by the supposed top publications in the know, have seen them move from ‘Jose is already United manager’ to ‘Louis van Gaal is going to stay for the final year of his contract’. This just continues to prove that there really isn’t anyone in the know. Ever.

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Basically, the only way we will ever know if van Gaal is out and Jose is in will be when the Red Devils make the announcement – or don’t make the announcement. However, if they’re wanting to make moves for the former Chelsea gaffer, then they better act fast.

International heavyweights, Syria, have thrown their hat into the ring for the Portuguese man’s signature! Even writing a formal letter to Mourinho’s agent, Jorge Mendes!

Source: Facebook/Syrian FA
Source: Facebook/Syrian FA

If former Real Madrid manager, Mourinho, does rock up in Syria it will be one of the most baffling and out of left field appointments ever! In fact, it will probably trump all of these truly absurd hirings…

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Terry Connor

‘Huh? Who? What an earth?’ was the general reaction when Connor was made permanent gaffer of Wolverhampton Wanderers. His inclusion in this list is to represent all those nobodies that clubs, for some reason, appoint – Les Reed at Charlton Athletic, anyone?!