The moments where our greatest athletes robbed us

Sporting moments are what we remember; moments of raw emotion which can bring us to tears of sadness or happiness. It doesn’t matter whether you’re watching the New England Patriots in front of 90,000 people, or your local Sunday League team; any level, any game, it causes a reaction like no other.

And that’s why it’s a bitter shame when our idols rob us of moments. From getting sent off in a final for behaviour which would raise the eyebrows of Shawshank Redemption inmates, to causing near death experiences; it seems any top athlete is prone to such moments when they see red. And others have just taken Vince Lombardi too literally…

“Winning isn’t everything; it’s the only thing”

Check out the 10 most unsporting moments in sports history…

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Some pretty horrific moments in the history of sport. Sure, the emotions of any game can tip you over the edge, and see red, but that doesn’t make hitting someone whilst knocked out on the floor acceptable. Play within the rules, but don’t tamper with them; it ruins all matches.

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