In Pictures: The League Of Legends Role Swaps Hall Of Fame

In the wake of Team Liquid’s flurry of recent roster chops and changes, the organisation’s decision to move their former World Champion AD Carry Chae “Piglet” Gwang-jin into the mid lane has stirred the debate surrounding the effectiveness of role swaps. The professional League of Legends scene has witnessed a number of astonishing role swaps in it’s history, some of which were revelatory for their rosters, others served to completely decimate their organisations.

Role swaps are relatively common in professional play, given the finely tuned mechanics and strategies that come with each unique position on the rift; learning a new role brings a number of different responsibilities. A beneficial role-swap can be considered to be a relatively rare sight in League of a Legends.

With nowhere to go but up, Team Liquid opted to shift Piglet’s carry position mid split, ultimately allowing for Yiliang “Doublelift” Peng to fill in as the team’s AD Carry until the end of spring. Critics labelled Piglet’s role swap as an extremely risky move, a judgement reinforced by the number of historic failures role swaps have resulted in over the years. As Team Liquid’s Korean settles into his new role, the team’s fans will be hoping he joins the exclusive hall of fame of successful roleswaps:

League of Legends Role Swaps Hall of Fame/Infamy

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