Watch Phil Mickelson Channel His Inner Peyton Manning

Phil Mickelson Perfects The Spatula In Funny Callaway Video

Phil Mickelson does not have a routine when it comes to his clubs. He goes with whatever is feeling right that day, and has been known to change grips frequently and put two drivers in his bag. It clearly works for him, being a 42 title PGA Tour winner.

He also knows his way around clubs, frequently visiting Callaway to check out new equipment or change something he doesn’t like about his. Phil has recently partnered with Callaway to make this humorous video that pokes fun at how much he knows about the ins and outs of golf equipment.

He is definitely no Peyton Manning when it comes to being on screen, but he’s better than Jordan Spieth. Callaway is also no Nationwide, so you have to work with what you’re given. Either way it’s nice to see Phil Mickelson getting out there and expanding his horizons, whether that’s on the course or on the big screen.

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