Why Keegan Bradley Is Thanking Adam Scott For His Strong Opening

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Source: Instagram

Keegan Bradley is another player who needed to make a change because of the anchoring ban. He made the switch before the ban was even put in place, using a regular putter in 2015 rather than his normal belly putter.

His putting stats were stagnant last year because of the change. This definitely put a damper on Bradley’s game, but it seems as though he is starting to let those feelings go starting at the Valspar Champ.

Keegan Bradley has a simple source of inspiration. Adam Scott has been turning heads with his brilliant start to 2016, another professional who was affected by the anchoring ban. Seeing Scott doing so well has motivated Bradley and may be the reason he is playing so well right now.

“That got me motivated and made me feel good, so thanks, Adam.” 

Keegan Bradley

Although Keegan Bradley didn’t win the Valspar Champ, he definitely showed progress in a not so stellar season. Either way, these golfers are showing the world that they can overcome any obstacle. Even one created by their own organization.


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