Golfer Attempts Driver Off The Deck And Shanks It Straight Into A Fan

A driver off the deck is one of those shots that can end in zero or hero. Bubba Watson hit one of the best shots of 2015 when he put a swerving driver 4 feet from the pin on the par 5 16th at Kapulua.

Justin is a phenomenal ball striker and generates unbelievable power for a man who weighs 145 pounds dripping wet. For his small frame, he is one of the longest hitters on tour. His 206-yard 9-iron 3 weeks ago was jaw-dropping.

Justin managed to make birdie even after the dreadful mishit. Fortune favours the brave as they say and the American is now tied for 9th. Jordan Spieth has made an awesome comeback, the American lost his temper with a fan on Twitter after his poor first round 76, but is back in the hunt after a strong couple of days.

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