WATCH: Atletico Madrid Claim UEFA Are A Bunch Of Barcelona Fanboys

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Atletico Madrid refused to pin the blame on Fernando Torres for Barcelona’s comeback at the Camp Nou, re-directing their anger directly at the match officials and UEFA after the striker’s red card triggered a response from the home side.

Torres had initially opened the scoring on the stroke of 25 minutes, only to see himself quickly turn from hero to zero, receiving two yellow cards in the following 10 minutes to earn his dismissal.

When asked who he felt was responsible for his side’s defeat, Diego Simeone insisted:


“Certainly not Torres”

“I can’t say what I want… I need to think about what I’m saying so I don’t say anything I shouldn’t.”

Diego Simeone


Source: Twitter
Source: Twitter


Atletico clearly felt aggrieved about incidents involving match winner, Luis Suarez, who pundits felt should have seen red for either his scything kick at Madrid defender, Juanfran in the first half or a later clash with Filipe Luis.



Filipe Luis clearly didn’t feel the need to hold back like his manager however, the veteran defender slammed the UEFA officials in his post-match comments – accusing the governing body of having invested interests in Barca’s success:


“The sending off is totally unjust and changed the game.

“Barcelona are protected. When you play against them you realise that they are a very powerful club.

“You realise the fear when Barcelona could get knocked out. It would hurt UEFA a lot.”

Filipe Luis


Source: Twitter
Source: Twitter


“I don’t know what a Barcelona player has to do to get sent off.

“They sent me off (in the La Liga fixture) correctly, but the other team isn’t treated the same. That’s what hurts.”


According to multiple reports emerging from Spain, Simeone vented his frustrations in an angry changing-room encounter with Filipe Luis, after hearing about his defender’s slanderous remarks.

The feisty coach was apparently overheard telling the experienced international, in no uncertain terms, that he should’ve tried to keep his mouth shut.


Filipe Luis may yet pay the price for bringing UEFA’s unbiased credentials into question…


Are UEFA Biased Towards Barcelona?

Yes – Well done to Filipe Luis For speaking out, it’s about time!

No – Yet another unfounded conspiracy theory.