Golfer Tries To Have A Fan Fired From His Job For Heckling Him

Poulter angry

This whole saga started when a fan compensated for his lack of achievement by heckling the English golfer at the Valspar Championship. I love hecklers but they need to be funny and original. JJ Downum was neither of these things.

Ian Poulter is Europe’s equivalent of Bubba Watson – just without the major championships. Both are around 40, both have a tendency for flamboyance and both could be accused of being massive cry babies. Here’s how Poults reacted after he saw the fan continue to mock him on twitter.

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It’s hard to know what the fan’s bosses at the Florida Southern College Athletic Department will think about the incident. I for one think that the banter from JJ Downum was as stale as piece of frat house couch pizza. However, Poulter needs to grow up! He’s been a pro for nearly 20 years and he can’t handle a few fans? You expect more mental fortitude from a professional golfer.

Downum did become slightly more amusing as he continued to troll the golfer.

Twitter is currently split between Team Poulter and Team Downum. What do you think? Was Poulter a Cry-baby snitch or was the fan a heckling bitch?

Is Ian Poulter Being A Cry Baby?

Yes! Ian Is A Cry-Baby Snitch

No! The Fan Is A Heckling Bitch