Why Golfer With $350 In Bank Account Turned Down $300k In Prize Money

Lee McCoy, a 22-year-old amateur, decided to take on the Valspar Champ, never dreaming he would end up in contention on that Sunday partnered with Jordan Spieth. Not only did this happen but he ended up in 4th place with a 4 under par, only 3 shots behind the leader Charl Shwartzel.

The known fact about playing on tour as an amateur is that you have to leave the prize money behind, no matter what place you come in. When they both finished their round, Spieth told McCoy not to look at the payout table, where you find out how much you made.

“Jordan, we were sitting in the scoring tent and it was a sheet with the winnings there and he told me not to look. I looked. I shouldn’t have looked. Lot of money. Lot of money.

I think I got like 350 bucks in my bank account right now so it’s mostly gas money. It hurt but there’s so much going great for me right now.”

Lee McCoy

$300k is a lot to turn down as a senior in college, but if he could make that now, there’s only more where that came from. He turned pro this year and is currently sponsored by Callaway, BMW, and Iliac Golf, along with a few others, but he’ll always enjoy knowing that he beat the World No. 1 by four shots.

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