No One Can Stop Talking About Graham DeLaet’s Beard

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  • Graham DeLaet showed off his beard this week at the Valspar Champ
  • Everyone had something to say about the beard

Graham Delaet finished tied for 5th place at the Valspar Champ this weekend, but it wasn’t his game that everyone was talking about. Delaet showed up to the tournament wearing his signature Puma look, and a massive beard.

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This Canadian golfer finished the best he had all season but it was his beard that was the true winner this week.

“I wear a beard because I like to. If you don’t like it, go hug a bald faced man.”

– Graham DeLaet

The Golf Channel Tried To Make A Comparison

This Caption Is Everything..


He bears a strong resemblance to Peter Griffin, no?

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How about Davy Jones?

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Fear the beard is the perfect hashtag for DeLaet!


Rickie Fowler paid tribute to fellow Puma wearer on snapchat..


Best beard on tour by far. #fearthebeard

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