WATCH: Lionel Messi Smashes Pepe With A Spear Tackle Into The Ground!


When Lionel Messi needs to be tough, he can mix it with the best of them.

This hilarious footage captured  during a second half corner routine shows Messi getting ‘hand-on’ and physical with notoriously violent Real Madrid defender.

The Argentinian star is renowned the world over for his intricate dribbling skills and deft touches, but Messi appears to have another side to his game that up to this point, hadn’t been seen on the field before.

With his eyes locked on Pepe, Messi made it his personal mission being to wipeout the typically thuggish, Real Madrid defender.

Messi speared his opponent ultilising all of his core strength and force from his low centre of gravity to muscle Pepe to the ground – the Portuguese veteran seemed to be taken completely by surprise!

The spear tackle has only reinforced Messi’s reputation as a fan favourite, fans around the world will be laughing with delight as Pepe gets a well-warranted taste of his own medicine…



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