Jordan Spieth wishes he’d never slapped down that Instagram troll

Sharon Wong

Remember when Jordan Spieth delivered that epic smackdown of an Instagram troll who disparaged his performances on the course?

The internet rejoiced, probably because seeing Jordan Spieth lose his cool on a public platform is an occurrence as rare as a solar eclipse. Sometimes, we just like to see nice guys take justice into their own hands and Spieth thoroughly gratified us on that front.

However, he has expressed regret at his hastiness in meeting the troll with a taste of his own medicine. As fun as it might have been at the time, Spieth feels like his response came at a low point for him and was quite frankly beneath him.

“You’ll probably never see me do that again because it was obviously seen and known and – just really frustrating. There’s not really a point. I should never respond to any of that, just let it go and by the time the next tournament rolls around no one even remembers it anyway.”

He’s probably right. Responding to any kind of armchair critic is tempting, but ultimately never productive. People are going to say what they want and it would behoove anyone to waste the valuable time they could spend improving their performance on policing every internet troll.

Still, we personally don’t regret that he bared his fangs in this instance. Quite aside from the theater of the whole exchange, we’re all probably just tickled to see stoic Jordan Spieth give in to his temper like the rest of us.

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