Arsenal’s Kit For Next Season Has Been Leaked And It’s A Beauty
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It is getting to that time of year again, where Arsenal’s season has totally and utterly bottomed out. Therefore meaning, Gooners are turning their attention to the next campaign and already deeming that one as the one where ‘they don’t completely ‘Arsenal’ the situation and finally deliver on years of flattering to deceive’.
With every look towards the new season, it of course brings about the kit ‘leaks’ where some bored 15-year-old during the Easter holidays decided to open up ‘Paint’ on their Windows 97 laptop and have a bit of fun.

That being said, however, the most recent Arsenal leak does look pretty professional and snazzy. So, who knows, maybe we are looking at the first ever genuine kit leak(?) And if we are, then we are sorry to say Gooners but it looks like Theo Walcott is sticking around.

Wonder what hairstyle the former Southampton man will go for next season…

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Whose football kit designs do you prefer?