WATCH: You know golf is your life when you don’t even need a course to play

Sharon Wong

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This video epitomizes the saying, “Where there’s a will, there’s a way”. Most people are under the impression that golf’s not the most convenient sport to pick up. You need loads of spare cash, equipment and club membership… Or maybe all you need is a patch of green and a hole somewhere, even if they happen to be slap bang in the midst of a busy roundabout. You don’t get the pristine setting and peace and quiet of a course, but hey, at least you get to work on that putt.

Our only reservation would be that should that ball go awry, there’s no telling what could happen with those encircling vehicles. Cracking a window with a stray ball is no joke and we’re pretty sure that all that money you might have been trying to save on a membership may go to waste anyway on paying for damages. Or someone could just crash their car from doing a double-take at the sight of you. Perhaps the endless ways things could go wrong are just part of the fun, if you like to play with fire.


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