BREAKING: Ian Poulter Succeeds In Getting Heckler Fired From His Day Job

Poulter angry

Ian Poulter’s wish has come true. According to reports by, the Englishman was heckled by a dude enjoying a few beers by the hooter tent at last week’s Valspar Championship. The man in question is was an employee at Florida Southern College. Mr Downum is listed as the assistant athletic director for development at the University and must be feeling pretty traumatised by the whole affair.

The spectator yelled at Poulter to hit his ball in the water and this ruffled Poulter’s feathers no end. After the golfer had moved on to the next hole, the heckler proceeded to tweet¬†about the incident, a proverbial straw that broke Poulter’s back. The golfer took to twitter later that day and tagged the culprit’s employer in the tweet. He questioned the man’s “professionalism” in a moment that would cause the golden snitch to fall limply in the seeker’s hands.

A Florida Southern College spokeswoman said: “Mr Downum is no longer an employee of Florida Southern College.”¬†The whole incident has been blown way out of proportion.

We asked you what you thought about Poulter’s reaction and a staggering 47% thought he was in the right.