I Feel Sorry For Suarez After ‘Harrowing Childhood Secrets’ Revelation

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For all of Luis Suarez’s spectacular strikes, incredible solo efforts and intricate link-up play, the Uruguayan’s mental health issues have never escaped the public’s peripheral vision.

Re-ignited by the infamous Giorgio Chiellini bite on the global world cup stage, Suarez became a polarising figure as fans struggled to overlook the strikers vicious antics in favour of his unquestionable talent in front of goal.


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After serving a significant ban and recently returning to international duty for the first time since the World Cup group stages back in 2014, Suarez appeared to left his disciplinary issues behind him and was back to his best alongside Messi and Neymar.

Like so many, I find Luis Suarez so frustratingly conflicting – I want to condemn to his actions and a big part of me still believes he should never play for his country again.

But the recent admissions and accusations of Suarez’s former agent and Uruguayan legend Daniel Fonseca have turned the tables once again.

I feel sorry for Suarez.


Luis Suarez’s Dark Secrets


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Meet Daniel Fonseca, the player’s ex-agent who has pettily slammed the Uruguay international over a grudge held between the two men, stemming from the striker’s early career move from Nacional to Groningen.

Fonseca has accused Suarez of having “psychological problems” who also claims the Uruguay international owes him money – standard agent behaviour.

In response to the financial claim, Suarez reiterated in an interview with Montecarlo TV on Tuesday that Fonseca, in fact, owes him 20 per cent of the fee from his transfer .

Fonseca’s rebuttal was cutting to say the least:


“He’s lying, because he is a child who shows that he has psychological problems, for sure, we know that,” 

“That’s why he is seeing a psychologist, but it’s not giving him the effect he desired.

Daniel Fonseca, Football Agent


Evidently looking to leaving a scar on his former client, Fonseca launched a stinger personal attack on Suarez:


“He should change his psychologist, or see a psychiatrist instead.

“To count you need two fingers, because the kid does not know how to count.”



Fonseca, who played for the likes of Napoli, Roma and Juventus through his playing days, claims his feud with Suarez is not entirely financially motivated, but rather, around something that happened in the early days of his countryman’s playing days:


“The story goes because one blessed day three friends from the youth team called me, and said something uncomfortable is happening with Luis,”

“I had to tell him something very uncomfortable to this kid, and to the day I die I will not say what it was. It was a very uncomfortable truth. He did not accept it, and it did not sit well with him.

“If he has courage, he will say the uncomfortable thing I had to tell him. That’s the real reason this unpresentable character does not have the courage to talk, and has hid these past six years.”

Daniel Fonseca, Football Agent


Source: Twitter
Source: Twitter


These remarks are rather curious. It’s unlikely that Luis Suarez will ever address these allegations directly and as such, the media will be left to speculate.

What happened to Suarez during his early playing days and why did it cause such a rift between himself and his agent?

If Suarez is genuinely receiving psychological council, then it’s hardly something that should be dragged into a financial dispute; I find it difficult to understand Fonseca’s intentions but releasing these statements.

This emerging light just throws yet another tangent into the Suarez debate. Perhaps as his former agent suggests, the Uruguayan cannot be held accountable to all of his shocking actions, because of the ‘uncomfortable truth’ he was exposed to as a youth player.

Despite all the biting, diving and play-acting, if Suarez is suffering the after effects of a harrowing childhood episode, then I find it hard to feel anything but sorry for the controversial striker.


What are your feelings towards Luis Suarez?

Love him – Just appreciate his awesome talent and forget about the rest.

Can’t stand him – No player that bites opponents should be admired.

Feel sorry for him