WATCH: It takes an F1 driver to attempt the world’s most dangerous golf shot

Sharon Wong

Driving biodegradable golf balls above the clouds!! Unreal experience! #newzealand #southisland #views

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Golf and adrenaline have nothing to so with each other, right? Well, the cliche couldn’t be more wrong. Of course, you wouldn’t expect the likes of Bubba Watson or Jack Nicklaus to attempt such a feat, but a Formula 1 driver? It’s inevitable. Daredevil Lewis Hamilton is a three-time Formula 1 champion who took it into his head to inject the hair-raising quality of his profession into the world’s most sedate sport. Here he is at the top of the world in New Zealand’s pristine South Island, smoking a driver into the fog-laden ether. Any golf aficionado will be able to appreciate his impeccable swing here. After all, being even slightly off-balance here could result in a deadly tumble down the side of the peak. We suppose making death the condition for your failure is one way to improve your game.

Thought his success was a fluke? We’re sorry to disappoint you with this second shot.

For someone that doesn’t play golf, I’m happy with this shot???????? Don’t hate the player, hate the game! ????

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Trust the man who earned the ire of the Kiwi police force with a motorbike selfie to transform our great game into something of an adventure sport. Here’s to hoping he doesn’t end up spawning a host of less skilled copycats though. We don’t even want to think of the disaster that would ensue.

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