Donald Trump Helped The PGA Tour Make A Crucial Decision


  • The PGA Tour will no longer stage the Grand Slam of Golf tournament
  • It was cancelled last year because of Trump’s racist remarks
  • This 36-hole event has been cancelled indefinitely

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The PGA Tour Grand Slam of Golf. The 36-hole tournament where professionals who won majors that year (the tournaments we actually care about) compete for an insignificant trophy. This tournament does not add to the professionals’ standings.

The most awkward handshake ever is what we live for.
The most awkward handshake ever..


Last year the tournament was cancelled because of a last minute course change. It was supposed to be played at Trump National, but that was around the time that Donald Trump was making controversial statements about Mexican immigrants.

This year they decided it didn’t fit into the already busy Fall schedule for the professionals and discontinued the event all together. They also said it wasn’t getting enough media coverage and the time was right to end it.

“When the PGA Grand Slam of Golf was launched in 1979, the golf world was much different than it is today.”

No shit, Sherlocks..

Donald Trump may have not been the overall reason for the discontinuation but he was definitely a catalyst that got the ball rolling. Either way, no one is really crying about it. What we’re more concerned about is who is going to win the Masters next month!


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