Matt Kuchar’s St. Patrick’s Day prank is more than Bubba Watson can handle

Sharon Wong

bubba watson
Source: MCT

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Sure, the Arnold Palmer Invitational’s kind of happening right now, but why stress out about it? Rory’s got a puzzle to complete, Rickie’s got some big fish to catch and Matt Kuchar’s got a prank war to start. His victim happens to be Bubba Watson, a controversial character we’re certain a lot of people would like to pull a fast one on, if only to hear him whine about it later. And while St. Patrick’s day is more of a celebration of drunken revelry, it’s as good an excuse as any for a good joke at someone else’s expense

Kuchar’s got me last night!! #TheyAreGood

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If you happen to be a Bubba Watson fan, we promise that it’s a lot less sinister than you’d imagine. Bubba Watson will just have to clean a lot of toilet paper and lurid green and orange paraphernalia off his front lawn. As well as fish (and eat???) Lucky Charms from a toilet bowl that may or may not be unused. But knowing him, there’s always a danger of him pulling out of the next tournament over this latest “hiccup”. After all, cleaning up after the mischievous Kuchar might aggravate his back injury.