Watch: What Happens When Pro’s Talk To Their Balls

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Source: Youtube


A lot of times we talk to our balls to try and will it to do what we want, like roll on to the green or stay away from the bunker. Most of the time it doesn’t work, but then again, we aren’t professionals.

When the professionals talk to their balls, magic happens. That’s probably because they are just overall better than us, but I’d like to think there’s something bigger at work here. Maybe there’s a get-together that happens before every season where the professionals summon the golf gods and they enter their balls. I mean that in the most non-dirty way possible.. or do I?


Jason Day

One simple “sit” will do for Day.


Adam Scott

It just sounds so nice when Adam does it.


Jordan Spieth

Could this be the reason Jordan is No. 1? His balls listen.


The PGA pro’s and their balls..


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