You Want Neymar? Here’s How Much He’ll Cost You!

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We’re not sure who does the investigative work at Football Leaks, but they’re not getting paid enough – unlike Neymar. The Brazilian international is the latest star to have his contractual documents leaked on the web, after Football Leaks published the details of his current Camp Nou deal.

There were some truely eyebrow raising figures involved in the 24-year-old’s agreement. Neymar moved to Catalonia in the summer of 2013 initially signing a five-year deal, but recently renewed his contract as Barca looked to lock down their attacking talent, fending off interest from rivals Real Madrid.


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Down To Business…


It has been revealed that Neymar boasts an astonishing €190 million buy-out clause at Camp Nou, a hefty sum indeed – the mind boggles when estimating what level Barca will have set Lionel Messi’s buyout fee at.

The figure also adds further insult to injury for Liverpool fans, who recently discovered that they lost their star man Luis Suarez for an infamously discounted price. The Uruguayan’s buy-out fee at Liverpool was a measly £40million, prompting Arsene Wenger to bid a cheeky £40,000,001 for the striker… it still angers me to this day.


It’s Pay Day Baby!


Source: FootballLeaks
Source: FootballLeaks


Although Barcelona have been wavering in recent weeks, the European champions are still on course to boast three trophies at the end of the season.

Regardless of Barca’s success, the leaked contract states Neymar’s salary as €5 million a season, but then there are the numerous bonuses to be added…

Upon joining the club, Neymar received an €8.5m signing on bonus .and could stand to earn over €1.7m in bonuses should his side win the treble this season – that’s a whopping €6.7 million in total for a little over a year’s work!

Neymar earns €637,500 each time Barcelona win La Liga, €850,000 for the Champions League and €850,000 for winning the Copa del Rey… who knew the Copa del Rey was as valuable as the Champions League!

After finishing third in the 2015 Ballon d’Or,  Neymar will certainly have is eyes on the top prize and stands to receive €425,000 if he wins the award during his time at Barcelona.

With such staggering figures, it begs the question… who could even afford Neymar wages without ruining themselves, if he ever chose to leave Barcelona?


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