The Motivational Text Message From Tiger Woods That Helped Jason Day Win

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Source: Instagram


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Tiger Woods was sending Jason Day texts all week to help him feel more confident about his game. That could have been the motivation Day needed, because he won the Arnold Palmer Invitational, a tournament Woods has won many times over.

“He sends the same stuff to me, 

‘Just be yourself and stay in your world’, 

and for some reason, it just means so much more, you know, that you can do this and start your own legacy here.”

Who wouldn’t be motivated by a text from Tiger saying “be yourself”? If Tiger Woods is telling you that just being yourself will bring you a win, you’d probably believe him.

Source: Instagram
Source: Instagram


This got me thinking about other motivational texts Tiger may have sent out over the years, not necessarily to players (not everyone is as lucky as Day), but in general.

After some digging I found some texts sent back in 2009. All of these texts are real, except only one of them was written by Tiger Woods. Can you guess which one is his?

  1. “You’re only young once, and once you get old, you either regret all the sex you had, or you regret not having enough.”

  2. “Baby im not going anywhere or doing anything. You please me like no other has or ever will.”

  3. “My house is about to be spotless and the only person visiting is the plumber and not the porno kind.”

If you guessed #2 then you’re right. This was a text Tiger Woods sent porn star Joslyn James back in 2009. I really wish he had said the other two as well, but unfortunately he did not. The other two are from “Texts From Last Night”, and I think they both sound like swell people.

I wonder if Day gets any late night texts like that…


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