Watch: Golfer And Caddie Have The Most Awkward Celebration After Fifth Consecutive Birdie

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Troy Merrit finished the Arnold Palmer Invitational in perfect form. He shot 5 consecutive birdies, the last one being this incredible bunker shot. Merrit really gave Jason Day a run for his money, but Day still made it out on top in the end and Merrit tied for third.

The highlight of this amazing moment for Merrit had to be the celebration after this bunker shot. Merrit went immediately for the fist bump and his caddie went for the high five. Then Merrit fixed it to a high five and his caddie changed it to the fist bump. Fail on fail caught on television is what dreams are made of.

You can’t help but chuckle at something that has probably happened to you before. If I was in his shoes I would have gone for the snail or awkward palm tree at that point.


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