Steve Williams’ latest claim about Tiger Woods sends chills down our spine

Sharon Wong

steve williams
Source: Rob Carr/Getty Images

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Steve Williams isn’t a guy you instinctively trust, if you haven’t been living under the furthest rock away from the golf course. His tell-all memoir overdramatizing his career with Tiger Woods as “slavery” has had tons of disgruntled golf fans pegging him as a fame-starved opportunist with no sense of shame. But his latest claim about his former boss is one that we’re hesitant to ignore because it would be a horrible thing to dismiss if it was true. After all, we’d prefer to take it at least semi-seriously if anyone’s been said to be self-harming and that’s exactly what Williams is implying about Tiger.

Source: PGA Tour

Woods’ highly publicized demons have culminated in some debilitating injuries that have him off the course for who knows how long. We all thought he had merely been careless with his body, but Williams has insinuated that Tiger has also been plotting a self-destructive path at the gym.

“I guess when he looks back, he might question some of the activities that he did, some of the gym work he might have done that, you know, had all those injuries escalate. It is very hard to pinpoint how he has got to where he is now but I have to say there is a lot of merit in [Woods’ injuries being caused by him training as an athlete rather than a golfer].”

We totally understand being skeptical of the likes of Steve Williams, who currently occupies a cozy position caddying for Adam Scott, but you have to admit that Tiger Woods hadn’t been in the best mental state around the time of the injuries. In December, he was quoted as saying that he had “nothing to look forward to”. But long before that, evidence of him cracking under pressure in public is disturbingly bountiful.

Quite a sea change from the confident young man who strode out to win 14 majors. He barely seems in control of his mental faculties, losing it on camera and lashing out at anyone who dares come close. However, from these clips, you can tell that he’s harshest of all on himself and it would sadly not be surprising if he’d resorted to castigating himself in a more physical manner as well. Can you just imagine the man in these clips working himself half to death with weights? We totally can.

On the other hand, perhaps Steve Williams is simply looking to fuel the rumors he spread about Tiger being obsessed with training for the Navy. With such a pair, who knows what really happened?


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