Butch Harmon Blames Tiger For His Problems But Offers Help…Again

tiger and butch

  • Tiger Woods has fallen to 467th in the world rankings.
  • Butch Harmon blames “excessive” weight training for his problems.

Butch Harmon and Tiger split back in 2002 and it completely rocked the golf world. Why would Tiger sack off his coach right after a “Tiger slam,” whilst in the middle of a calendar slam? And for who? Hank bloody Haney!

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Tiger is on the road to recovery and everyone is starting to realise that we’re not ready to say goodbye to the G.O.A.T. So this begs the question; do you think a Butch Harmon/Tiger Woods reunion is what the 14-time major winner needs?

Can Tiger win a Major with Butch’s help?

Nope. It doesn’t matter who coaches Tiger, he can’t win.

Yes. Butch can make the difference.

When asked about their relationship Butch was vague:

“I have no way of knowing because I have not spoken to him in years except to say hello on the range. I would be open to spending a day with him — to watch him hit balls and give him my opinions.”

What Butch really means is that if he was asked he would help Tiger in a heartbeat. I genuinely believe the ball is in G.O.A.T’s court, and if he swallowed some pride, we could see the perfect match. Two guys in the latter stages of their career going for one last ride into the sunset… it would be glorious.

To make things easier, Butch has recently split with Tiger’s old enemy Phil Mickelson, but the highly respected coach doesn’t have a lot of time on his hands. His current players include Nick Watney, Justin Rose, Rickie Fowler, Adam Scott, Dustin Johnson, Jimmy Walker and Brandt Snedecker, not to mention he’s 72 years old. But does that not mean he would want one last crack at the big time?

Butch and phil
Source: Zimbio.

Butch obviously knows a lot about golf, but let’s all appreciate how painfully under-qualified he is to talk about anything related to fitness. Why has it suddenly become fashionable for fat middle-aged men to talk about weight training as if they have any comprehension of the benefits? Brandel Chamblee really irritated me when he criticised Rory McIlroy for squatting. I mean, what the hell does he know?

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Rory McIlroy incorporates heavy compound movements into his workout routine.

Tiger’s back is f***** because he’s been swinging a golf club since the day a doctor agreed his umbilical cord was a movable obstruction. He has been performing a motion that is so abnormal to our evolutionary design, it’s a wonder he isn’t in a wheelchair.

“Our bodies are meant for pure motion,” said Garner, a Myrtle Beach Chiropractor who specialises in golfers. “The golf swing creates “shear force” on the 26 vertebrae in your spine, which can lead to problems, and the golf swing is practically impossible without creating this force.”

“Whenever you put sheer force on a disk that combines two or more motions, it basically shreds your disk.”

Harrowing stuff. Let’s all pretend we didn’t hear the word “shred,” “disc” and “golf” in the same sentence. The problem is that these words from an EXPERT make Butch sound like an idiot when he says: “It is not as if his swing is beating him up as much as his weight training,”

I can’t help but put my head in my hands when I hear this. Of course, Tiger would probably focus more on functional exercises if he knew the risks – like Rory’s routine. But you’re living in cloud cuckoo land if you think his injuries aren’t the result of cumulative stress that results from consistently swinging a golf club at 120 mph.

Hate to say it but Gary Player, Gary Player, Gary Player. Weights, gym, exercise…he’s now 80 years old and never shoots worse than his age. Enough said!

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