Real Madrid Caught Widening Pitch Hours Before Wolfsburg

cristiano ronaldo


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Video has emerged of Real Madrid widening their pitch ahead of their Champions League showdown with Wolfsburg.

Grounds crews can be seen repainting the lines on the pitch to give Ronaldo and Bale more room to operate.

You gotta let those dogs roam – the wider the pitch is, the better for Madrid’s stars. You do wonder if an extra yard or two is going to help Madrid close the two goal deficit they face, though.


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UEFA regulations state that a pitch can be between 64 and 68 meters wide.

It looks like Madrid wants to widen that puppy up as far as they can while still obeying the letter of the law. UEFA introduced extra officials for Champions League matches a few years ago – they probably have a tape measure czar who signs off on things before kickoff.

In any case, Wolfsburg took a 2-0 aggregate advantage after the first leg that was played in Germany.

If Real Madrid want to keep pace with Barcelona, they’d better score early and score often.