WATCH: Bill Murray is devastated when he hears his son’s comments about Caddyshack

Sharon Wong

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To any golfer, Bill Murray may seem like quite the swell guy. His sly sense of humor, obvious passion for golf and crowd-pleasing persona have endeared him to many a fan of the game. Lots of us young ‘uns might even wish he was our father. But when you watch his interactions with his actual son, it’s far from the cuddly joyfest you might imagine it to be. In fact, father and son both behave like acquaintances who are being forced to interact the entire time. Towards the end of the interview at 3:17, you can cut the tension with a knife when Luke Murray has some startling revelations about Caddyshack. He’s never even seen it. 


Any one of us would be outraged, but not half as much as Bill Murray himself. Strained politeness gives way to stony silence as Luke scrambles to apologize for the blunder. And when Bill finally does speak, he can’t help but indulge in a passive-aggressive little dig of his own. Happy Families, huh?


This strange interview reveals a side to Bill Murray we’re sure few outsiders get to see. We golfers only know him as the jovial, good-natured comedian in eccentric brights, but some of his recent conduct at AT&T Pebble Beach hint that there’s more to the story. Some diehard fans caught him at just the wrong time at a rooftop bar and enraged him so much that he tossed their phones off the building. Restaurant staff reported that he hadn’t needed an ounce of alcohol in his stream to get to this state. We wonder if he’s thrown more than a few cellphones and golf clubs in the privacy of his own home. It appears he has quite the hair trigger temper.

Luke Murray does confirm that his father has a bit of a competitive side when asked what they have in common. With their aloof behavior towards each other tying in with Murray’s sudden outburst at Pebble Beach, we can’t help but wonder if their relationship at home is a constant battle of one-upmanship punctuated occasionally by the sound of shattering glass.

Bill Murray, a great addition to your foursome but maybe not half as fun as a dad.