Tom Brady Gives Jordan Spieth Advice That Everyone Can Relate To

Jordan Spieth Receives Advice From Tom Brady

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Jordan Spieth and Under Armor are lucky to have each other. Spieth has brought in millions for the brand and Spieth has been fortunate to work alongside other players whom it sponsors. A couple of athletes that have influenced Spieth include Steph Curry and Tom Brady.

In a press conference on Tuesday for the Dell Match Play, Jordan Spieth commented on the impact Tom Brady has had on him.

“He’s obviously in the spotlight being arguably the greatest – one of the greatest quarterback of all times if not the best.

“So it’s pretty cool just to have that opportunity to talk to him. And then for him to want to reach out and help is – kind of just help on how do you adjust to still do what you love to do, love to do it, while still that outside noise is there now.”

As Spieth gets accustomed to the fame, it’s nice to have a confidante in someone who’s been through it, the good and the bad. Spieth’s world was turned upside down when he won the Masters and then The US Open last year. He’s still adjusting to the fame and pressure of being in that #1 spotlight.


The Advice

Tom Brady’s advice is something that can resonate with everyone. When asked how he dealt with the fame, Brady only had a few words for Spieth:

“It takes time.”

I mean does he sound wise or what?! Everything in life takes time. Time is our worst enemy and our best friend. When we want time to move faster, it seems like it takes forever and when we want it to move slower, it flies by at warp speed ahead! But it’s time that gets us through each day and brings us towards our goals. We need to live in the moment and let time bring us where we need to be, not worrying about all of the background noise.

Jordan Spieth is still new to all of the fame, and could be a reason why he’s not at his best right now. That does not mean he is in a “slump” or that he’s over and done with. That’s just ridiculous. Tom Brady knows it’s only a matter of time before we see more star power from the No. 1 golfer in the World.


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