The Stat That Finally Settles The Ronaldo Vs Messi Debate

This was the season that Cristiano Ronaldo was that horrible cliched saying of ‘past it’. However, in true CR7 style, he has gone on to make such suggestions seem as laughable as they’re foolish.

Wolfsburg were the latest team to be put to the sword by the former Manchester United superstar, with Ronaldo’s hat-trick overturning the 2-0 defeat from the first-leg. And of course CR7 completed the masterclass in impressive style:

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The free-kick was in fact so remarkable, that Madrid gaffer, Zinedine Zidane, just couldn’t keep his clothes on…

The three strikes against the Bundesliga side now mean that the 31-year-old has 37 hat-tricks, an almost inconceivable number in 348 games for Los Blancos.

We would work it out for you, because, you know, it’s very simple maths, but the chap with the blue tick below has done the hard work for us. It means that the former Sporting Lisbon winger averages a hat-trick every 9(ish) games.

In comparison, arch rival, Lionel Messi, has 35 hat-tricks in his Barcelona career from nearly 200 games more than Ronaldo!

The continual debate

To all you guys and dolls out there who say: “Why do we have to choose? Why can’t we just appreciate both whilst we have them”. I’m assuming you’re the people that always get left with ready salted crisps at family picnics because everyone else is assertive in their choice.

Football is all about opinions, it’s the one thing us football fans have left, that they haven’t and can’t(?) take away from us. So get off that fence and choose your superstar.

Purely because he, for want of a better word, taught himself and trained to be the best – have to feel that Messi was born with some God given natural talent – Ronaldo gets my vote (I’m sure he’s chuffed about that…).