Yaya Toure Makes Desperate Attempt To Escape Guardiola

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The Champions League quarter-final against Paris Saint-Germain was without doubt, the biggest game of Manchester City’s season – Yaya Toure watched the majority of the action from the bench and that speaks volumes.

Manuel Pellegrini says Yaya Toure lacked the match fitness to play 90 minutes against the French champions. The Ivorian started the game wrapped up in the dugout alongside his departing coach.

Pellegrini explained that the once indispensable midfielder is still feeling the effects of the knee injury that has kept him out of recent games – Toure managed half an hour against West Brom at the weekend, but is yet to start a game since returning from injury.


“Yaya is fit but he’s worked just one or two days since playing 30 minutes against West Brom. He is not 100% so I though it is better to keep him for later in the game.”

Manuel Pellegrini


Yaya Toure doesn’t mean what he used to Manchester City, he no longer holds the gravitas he used to within the star-studded squad – but rather than fight to re-establish his reputation as an invaluable element of the side, Toure has thrown his toys out of the pram and is looking to flee abroad.


Source: Twitter
Source: Twitter


“I promise you that Yaya will leave City this summer one way or another if they don’t offer him a new contract.”

Dimitri Seluk, Yaya Toure’s Agent

Toure moved to the Etihad from Barcelona for £24m in July 2010, where he was sold of course, by incoming City manager Pep Guardiola.

Guardiola’s imminent summer arrival has clearly turned up the heat for underperforming Yaya, who’s relationship with the current Bayern boss has been a cause for concern amongst City supporters. Toure’s contract is due to expire at the end of next season and the Ivorian’s pushy agent, Dimitri Seluk seems all to eager to take matters into his own hands.

Seluk has demanded that Manchester City offer 32-year-old Toure a new three-year deal or allow him to leave the club on a free transfer – a steep request considering Yaya only signed a significantly improved contract in 2013.


“A player like Yaya Toure should not be moving towards the last year of his contract wondering if he is going to get a new deal. 

“We have waited too long, Manchester City promised a deal but nothing has materialised so Yaya will leave in June.”

Dimitri Seluk


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Source: OpenDomain


The Webster Ruling


In a shocking move, Yaya Toure could invoke the Webster Ruling and buy himself out of the final year of his Manchester City contract in order to forcibly make himself a free agent.

The Webster Ruling refers to the actions taken by Scottish defender Andy Webster, who bought himself out of his Hearts contract in September 2006, freeing himself to join Wigan.


“I will not let Yaya waste a year at City, I will not let City keep him because, in one more year, his chances of joining another big club will be smaller.

“I will go to FIFA. I will write to them and tell them that we will buy Yaya out of his contract.


It’s absolutely extraordinary to think that the once great and powerful Yaya Toure would physically buy himself out of Manchester City – it’s sad really.

Dimitri Seluk has been such a poisonous influence on his client, he’s managed to turn a fan-favourite, who almost single handedly won City the title in 2011/2012, into a loathsome figure of fun.

Crying about not receiving birthday Masserati’s, constantly accusing the club of having no respect for Yaya Toure, it’s all become rather tiresome.


“We can do this. It is an option. This is not a threat. I promise you that Yaya will leave City this summer one way or another if they don’t offer him a new contract.”

Dimitri Seluk



For any Lord of the Rings fans out there, Seluk is the Grima Wormtongue of the footballing world – the snake in the grass. He’s succeeded in turning Toure against the club that has frequently praised and rewarded him, to the point where the Ivorian will actively pay to leave the Etihad – good luck in China, Yaya.