WATCH: Inspirational Golfers Who Don’t Make Excuses

Inspirational golfer
As some us get on the course this year, it’s time to reflect on the reasons why we play this game. Hopefully, these four inspirational examples will be that voice in your ear before you consider smashing the tee box in disgust at an errant drive.

A tweet by the “secret tour pro,” summed up the general sentiment following a tragic week in Europe:

I’ll be trying to smile on the course this weekend and ignore the potential for an atrocious round. I’m going to remember how lucky I am to be playing golf with the people I love. I will remember my luck and not take for granted the type of fortune that some people have had to fight for.


@mikerolls6 smoking this one down the fairway ???????? #golfgods #noexcuses #gripandrip

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