Cristiano Biraghi: “Ronaldo’s a construct, Messi’s the real deal”

Sharon Wong

Pissed Ronaldo vs. Messi

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So someone has decisively settled the eternal debate for us once and for all. And if you’re on Team Ronaldo, sorry, the chips don’t fall in your favour. Apparently, Messi is the one bestowed with genuine talent while Ronaldo’s just bagged a lot of clever tricks. Take it from someone who’s actually faced both men on the pitch.

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Source: Cris_Biraghi/Twitter

“It’s really hard to choose between Messi and Ronaldo,” confessed Cristiano Biraghi, who is playing with Granada on loan from Inter Milan, “I think Messi is pure talent, while Ronaldo is a constructed phenomenon.” Bold, brutal words for anyone to make. But Biraghi takes it even further, going as far as to say that Messi would totally be ok if he stopped training tomorrow.


“I always say that Messi could even stop training by tomorrow and would not change anything. If Ronaldo were to do the same, however, would not be the same thing. He is a professional machine.”

Never has the word professional been laced with such pejorative subtext. We’re always told to be professional, no matter what field we’re attempting to conquer. Put your best foot forward, sharpen your skill set till it gleams, never show the chinks in your armour. But what if you could do all that without expending half as much effort, if all you had to do to win was just to show up. We know which one we’d choose.

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It’s hard to really put raw talent into words. We always say someone has the X-factor, but it’s nigh impossible to define what that means if anyone were to ask you to. So we thought we’d show rather that tell you about the sheer ability we think Biraghi is talking about. Here’s Messi at the tender age of 10, already someone we’d be quaking in our boots to face.

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